Around October,
teen visits to the emergency room for behavior and mood issues spike. At that point, they have
been back to school for a few weeks and things have started to unravel for them either academically
or socially.

I’m depressed.

My friends from last
June, don’t want to
be my friends
anymore. I don’t
understand why.

I feel overwhelmed.

I’m trying to do too much at
once—between going to school,
playing sports, being involved in
my clubs, and spending time with
my friends, I hardly have enough
time left at night for homework.

I’m so tired.

School starts so
early, I don’t have
enough time
to sleep.

Tips to keep stress in check

move your body

Physical activity is one
of the most effective
stress busters. Find
activities you enjoy
and build them into
your routine.

Get Enough

Sleep is key for
both physical and
emotional well-being.
Ideally, adolescents should
get nine hours a night.

Set a Schedule

Plan ahead for when you
will do your schoolwork,
and stick to your schedule.
Afterwards, you can enjoy
free time without guilt.

Enjoy yourself

Besides physical
activities, find other
hobbies or activities
that bring you joy.

Let yourself shine

Focusing on your
strengths will help
you keep your stresses
in perspective.

Talk through it

It’s so much easier to
manage stress when
you let others lend
a hand. Talk to a parent,
teacher, or other trusted adult.

Sources: Michael Levy, M.D., Consultation/Liaison Psychiatrist at Montefiore Nyack Hospital; apa.org