with Tips for Keeping your Feet Healthy

Shoe Shopping
Shoes aren't likely to stretch
with time, so if they don't feel
good when you try them
on, don't buy them.
Measure your feet each time
you go shopping. Your foot size
can change as you age!
Foot baths are soothing,
but can harbor bacteria
and fungus. Visit a trusted nail
salon that keeps surfaces clean
and uses sterilized tools.
Consider bringing your own tools
and polish to an appointment.
Arch Support
The most supportive shoes
are sneakers that lace up the
front. When that's not possible
wear shoes that have good
support around the arch and heel.
You shouldn't be able to bend the shoe
in the middle, only at the ball of the foot.
High heels put pressure on the
ball of the foot, which can lead
to foot muscle fatigue, strain
injuries, and affect the muscles
and tendons in your calves.
Look for shoes with a low heel. Ideally,
no more than an inch and a half.
Long toenails can jam into your
shoes and cause unnecessary pain.
Trim toenails straight across to
avoid digging into the corners.
Try trimming toenails
after a bath or shower
when they are soft.
Aching, tired feet may
be the result of a long day
of walking or standing. Try ice
and an anti-inflammatory
to ease suffering.
If you're still in pain after
3 – 5 days, go see a podiatrist.
Source: Dr. Jaime Lyn B. Garber, DPM, Attending podiatrist at Montefiore Nyack Hospital.