Healthy Reasons

Continuous Glucose Monitors Reduce Number of Finger Sticks While Improving HealthNew technology is allowing people with diabetes to reduce the number
Women undergoing breast cancer surgery today can be treated with advanced techniques that remove the cancer while preserving the physical appearance
Women with genetic mutations that put them at increased risk for breast cancer should have more frequent breast cancer screening, to increase the
Vertigo, or a sense of spinning, is often caused by an inner ear problem. In many cases, a treatment that involves having a doctor move the head and
As men age, their weight tends to creep up, increasing stress on the heart. Getting to a healthy weight is the most important thing men can do to
Dr. Aleksandr Rakhlin
Riding a bicycle or motorcycle has many benefits, including seeing the sights, saving money on gas and reducing pollution. Biking is also a great way
Some level of stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing, says Dimitri Alvarez, MD, a family physician at Family Practice Associates of Rockland in Valley
If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, it’s important to keep these conditions under control to prevent developing chronic kidney disease. For
David Southren, MD, FACC
Until recently, it has been difficult for doctors to determine which patients may develop heart disease years from now, and prevent it from occurring
The symptoms of hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid disease, can be similar to those of menopause and many other health conditions. But unlike