Parents, are you in the dark?

Teenage Drug and Alcohol Use

OVER 60%

of teens report that drugs of some kind
are kept, sold, and used at their school

71% of high school
seniors have used

Almost 50%
of high school seniors
have abused a drug
of some kind

64% of teens say they
have used prescription pain
killers they got from a
friend or family member

Auto accidents, homicides, and suicides are the 3 leading causes of death in 15-24 year olds
alcohol is often a contributing factor in these tragedies

Warning Signs of Drug or Alcohol Abuse in Teens

changing friends
not doing well in school
sleeping more or less
erratic behavior

Start the

Parents who talk to their teenager regularly about the dangers of drugs and alcohol lessen the chance of their child using drugs by 42%

Unfortunately, only 25% of teens report actually having these conversations

Sources: Dr. David Seitz, Montefiore Nyack Hospital’s Adolescent Outpatient Substance Abuse Program and